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Families Across State to Benefit from Donations
From the Comfort of Home: With the EHA Population Health program, EHA plan members can get access to a nurse health coach from the comfort of home.
Lyons-Decatur Northeast science teacher Paul Timm is Nebraska's 2021 Teacher of the Year.
The 2019-20 fiscal year marked another solid 12 months for the state’s retirement plan for teachers.
My guess is that we all have one person in our lives who made all the difference. I’m convinced that, more often than not, it’s a teacher or coach.
In Difficult Year, Consortium Holds Rate Hike to 2.96 Percent
“I believe we cannot get past the virus with half-hearted measures and well-wishes, hence the strong stand.”
Omaha Education Association member Lee Perez is a firm believer in advocacy — and in the work of the Commissioner of Education’s Teacher Advisory Committee, instigated by NSEA.
"Teachers are the least selfish, most selfless people with whom I have the pleasure to work, and I am proud to be one of them."