18 Organizational Specialists Give NSEA Members an Edge

Association’s Field Staff Know Nebraska Schools, Rules, Regs

No matter how long you may have taught, no matter how much experience you have, there comes a time when you come across a question you can’t answer, a situation you don’t know how to handle.

That’s where NSEA comes into play. Consider this question from a retired teacher caught in a conundrum as a substitute:

“I am a retired teacher and work occasionally as a sub. I was at a school last Friday subbing for 10-12 English and was told I had to cover Freshman English (for a different teacher) during the only free period I had that day. So, I had to teach the full day with a 29-minute lunch period as my only break. Is this legal even if I am a sub? I guess I need to know my rights as a sub, or if I don't really have any.”

When it comes to questions about your rights as a teacher, there is no out-of-state, storefront-based, quasi-professional membership group that will have a ready answer. Such organizations don’t have any of the staff expertise and knowledge of Nebraska Department of Education rules, regulations and requirements regarding teaching certificates. Those groups can’t answer a single question about Nebraska statutes governing education. They couldn’t find most Nebraska school districts without a map.

NSEA staff, on the other hand, own that expertise and knowledge. NSEA’s 18 field staffers are located across the state to serve and meet with members in their school buildings or in their homes, if needed, to supply or find answers to questions like the one posed above.

NSEA gets many such questions each week, via e-mail through the website, phone calls to one of the 18 organizational specialists, and via personal visits with NSEA staff.

Whatever your question about your employment issues, classroom issues, bargaining situations or more, know that you can contact your NSEA organizational specialist in complete confidentiality. Call your NSEA organizational specialist at 1-800-742-0047, or send your question through the ‘Contact Us’ feature of the NSEA website at: www.nsea.org

You will draw you answer from years of experience and expertise that gives you “The NSEA Edge.”