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Elba Education Association member Donna Wratten learned the true cost of AAE’s “cheap” dues: A lack of support and guidance.
“The liability potential can be serious for public education employees.” - by NSEA Executive Director Trish Guinan
"I want post-pandemic public education to shine a new light on the magic that teachers create in their classrooms every day, and provide the tools and resources to multiply that magic exponentially."
Education support professionals help make schools work. They drive the buses, feed the students and clean up at the end of the day – but they also help in classrooms and, in Jenny Wood’s case, make language accessible and conversations understandable for their students.
Emojis aren’t just for texting and Facebook anymore. Those little smiley faces – or angry faces – are being used by educators at Crete Public Schools to get ahead of student mental health concerns.
"When I am working with kids, whether it is morning duty, recess duty, or helping a student with math, reading or friendship problems, and sometimes even giving them a safe place to have a tantrum, I am doing what I was meant to do," Marsh said. "All I have ever wanted to do is teach and serve others. I still get to do that, and for that I am grateful. I am proud to be an ESP!"
NSEA offers R-Cubed room kit for rejuvenation, revitalization
2022 Nebraska Teacher of the Year first male person of color and ESL teacher to hold title
Long distance learning: David City preschool teacher Julie Zrust has a mini classroom set up in her basement, where she spends her early mornings teaching online. Zrust has taught for VIPKid since 2017.