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Anticipating and then enduring the evaluation process by an administrator can be unnerving to a veteran educator, much less to a teacher in the first few years of his or her career.
Keeping an eye on your contract is a never-ending job, says NSEA Director of Advocacy Trish Guinan.
"I know that not every member agrees 100 percent with every action taken by NSEA — but that healthy disagreement serves to make us stronger."
When combined with advocacy for member rights, advocacy for bargaining and advocacy for policy, the professional development path places NSEA firmly in the lead as the professional association for educators in Nebraska.
NSEA Has Lengthy History of Effective Communication with Members
Educators, use this list of resources to promote and encourage kindness with our students. What other things do you do to #BeKind?
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NEA Foundation Partnership Assists Grand Island Breakfast Program
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