NSEA-Retired is the ONLY retired association in Nebraska that guarantees continuation of your NEA member benefits and NSEA services!

What is NSEA-Retired?

The NSEA-Retired is a statewide association of educators that is committed to protecting current pension and Social Security benefits; being a strong advocate on retirement issues; and to the advancement of quality public education.

Members conduct business at an annual conference. Each spring the membership elects officers, district board members and delegates to the NSEA Delegate Assembly and the NEA Representative Assembly. NSEA-Retired also holds a fall conference, a lobby day and a spring conference/annual meeting.

BCBSNE hosted eight seminars in November 2019, concerning the Educators' Medicare Supplement. View the seminars online by visiting www.ehaplan.org/retiree-info.

ONLINE MEMBERSHIP IS NOW AVAILABLE!  Click here to join online.

NSEA-Retired Fall Conference Information

The pandemic challenge has changed our October 16th fall conference from meeting in Grand Island, but it will be even easier to attend.  The conference will be hosted via ZOOM on Friday, October 16th, from 10 a.m.CDT to approximately 11:30 a.m. Speakers will include Nebraska's own astronaut Clayton Anderson, Nebraska native Dr. Natalie Hahn presenting her many experiences as an International United Nations official, and Alicia Jones, a state representative of SHIIP, to answer some of your Medicare questions.  Of course we will also chat and visit online and conclude with our traditional prize drawing. Registration is available here, and can be found under the Calendar and Events section below. 

-  De Tonack, NSEA-Retired President

Fall 2020 Educators’ Medicare Supplement Webinars

Register for any of the webinars listed below by clicking on the appropriate date. You can attend the webinar online, or by phone. The URL and phone numbers will only be active during the scheduled times listed. The recorded presentation will be available at www.ehaplan.org/retiree-info

  • Online attendees will need to register for the webinar in advance by going to the respective URL and providing a valid email address. The attendee will then need to go to the URL at the appointed time to via the presentation online. Online attendees will be able to submit questions via their computer during the Q & A session.
  • Phone attendees will need to call the respective number for the webinar they wish to attend and then enter the Access Code for the webinar that is provided on the below table. Phone attendees will not be able to submit questions.

Monday, November 2, 1-3 PM
  • Phone: (866) 952-8437
  • Access Code:749-419-544

Friday, November 6, 9-11 AM
  • Phone: (866) 901-6455
  • Access Code:942-026-079

Monday, November 9, 1-3 PM
  • Phone: (866) 901-6455
  • Access Code:374-180-279

Friday, November 13, 9-11 AM
  • Phone: (877) 309 2071
  • Access Code: 385-408-218

Monday, November 16, 1-3 PM
  • Phone: (866) 952 8437
  • Access Code: 158-758-438

Friday, November 20, 9-11 AM
  • Phone: (877) 309 2074
  • Access Code: 593-865-286

Monday, November 30, 1-3 PM
  • Phone: (866) 952 8437
  • Access Code: 822-704-338

Friday, December 4, 9-11 AM
  • Phone: (866) 952-8437
  • Access Code: 152-858-015

Monday, December 7, 1-3 PM
  • Phone: (866) 901-6455
  • Access Code: 978-022-828

Friday, December 11, 9-11 AM
  • Phone: (877) 309-2071
  • Access Code:776-860-936



Election Results

Click here to review the election results.

NSEA-Retired ballots were counted on Thursday, March 26, 2020, according to NSEA-Retired Bylaws Article 5, Section 3, the NSEA-Retired President shall be first delegate to NSEA Delegate Assembly and NEA Representative Assembly. The election results are for the additional elected positions to those two assemblies as well as for general officers of the Association.

A total of 1519 ballots were received prior to counting the ballots.  There were 11 valid ballots that were marked for more than the allowed number of candidates in some elections; those ballots were ruled invalid for the positions for which they were “over-voted.”

A special thanks for the great help with counting ballots to the NSEA Staff:  Jan Anderson, Tamra Mick, Natalie Thomason, Martha Livingston, Patty Schroer, Megan Lyons, Mike Wiesen, and Sheri Jablonski.

The election results for NSEA-Retired Metro Board, NSEA Delegate Assembly, and NEA Representative Assembly are also included.  Candidates for both NSEA Delegate Assembly and NEA Representative Assembly who run for an at-large position as well as for a District or Regional position have the option to accept either position if they are one of the successful candidates in both races.  The results include the positions that were chosen by candidates who were successful on both ballots.  Successful candidates for NSEA Delegate Assembly and NEA Representative Assembly will receive information regarding those meetings soon. 

Congratulations to all who won, and a special thanks for all who offered their leadership services to our members in this election.  Please stay engaged with the Retired Association and please keep stepping up as leaders for our association.

Join Now

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Why should I join?

As an NSEA-Retired member, you will be kept abreast of new developments on important retirement issues such as pension plans, Social Security, health care and prescription drugs as well as trends in the education profession. You are able to continue your NEA Member Benefit Programs, support your colleagues, public education and Nebraska's children.

Who can join?

Active NSEA members may join as Pre-Retired Lifetime members while still teaching.

Retired educators may join as Lifetime members or Annual members if they are at least 50 and were an Active member in the Association the year they retired.

How Will I Benefit?

  • NSEA-Retired works with the Educator's Health Alliance (EHA) advocating for improvements in the BC/BS retiree health plan.
  • NSEA-Retired works to improve your retirement benefits and provide affordable health care protection.
  • NSEA-Retired and NEA-Retired lobbyists monitor and act on legislation that affects retired educators.
  • You'll receive regular communication updates on retiree issues via newsletters, publications and email.
  • You'll have the opportunity to attend an annual statewide conference featuring workshops and speakers of interest to retirees.
  • Benefits include significant financial services available only if you are a NSEA-Retired member.

Health Insurance

If you are 50 years of age or older, and wish to continue your Educators Health Alliance (EHA) health insurance after retirement, you must be a NSEA Special Services member. All NSEA-Retired members benefit from reduced Special Services fees.

For further information contact: www.ehaplan.org

Or call NSEA Membership at (800) 742-0047

NEA Member Benefits also offers health insurance plans for retirees. Call (800) 637-4636 for more information.

Educators’ Medicare Supplement Plan Endorsed by NSEA Retired

As a NSEA-Retired member you are eligible for: 

  • Educators’ Medicare Supplement coverage (with Dental option) OR
  • NEA Member Benefits Medigap coverage.

These Medicare Supplement plans are for retirees age 65 and older. 

Subscribe today and lock in your dues for life!

NSEA-Retired & NEA-Retired Member Benefits

  • Educators’ Medicare Supplement Plan Endorsed by NSEA Retired
  • Educators Employment Liability Coverage continues while substitute teaching.
  • Continued voice in lobbying efforts at the state and national levels.
  • State wide publications

The Voice

NSEA-Retired Advocate

NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members

  • NEA Medigap Coverage--Medicare Supplement Plan
  • NEA Master Card/Visa with no annual fee.
  • NEA Term Life Insurance eligibility
  • NEA Subscription Service
  • NEA Accidental Death Insurance


NSEA-Retired History

Beginning in 1983, shortly after NEA formed a retired organization, Nebraska leaders initiated steps to form the NSEA-Retired affiliate.

NSEA-Retired began in 1986 with Val Pullen as its first president. Since then, NSEA-Retired has grown into a nationally recognized association.

Calendar, Events & Registrations

Click here for a calendar of ALL NSEA Events.

NSEA-Retired Meeting Dates:

Retirement & Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

Retirees between the ages of 50 and 64 who have been insured through the Educators Health Alliance (EHA) for five years immediately prior to retirement can continue their EHA coverage through the EHA Direct Bill Plan.  Current premiums and deductible options can be found on the EHA website, www.ehaplan.org., selecting from the menu items, rates and also retirees. For additional information on the BCBSNE HSA Plan go to https://web.ubt.com/hbs/downloads/HSA-info-flyer-singlepage.pdf. To participate in the plan, you must join the EHA group by paying the Special Services fee. For more information, call NSEA at 1-800-742-0047 or 402-475-7611 and ask for Special Services Membership or call Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska at 1-877-721-2583.  Be sure to refer to the EHA Direct Bill Plan when you call. 

Either EHA subscribers or NSEA-Retired members who are age 65 and above and on Medicare may purchase the newly renamed Educators’ Medicare Supplement (the plan that was previously named NSEA-Retired Blue Senior Classic) to pay for the medical costs that Medicare does not cover.  Educators’ Medicare Supplement is endorsed by NSEA-Retired and has excellent dental plan options which are available only at the initial time of enrollment. Supplementary plans pay costs that Medicare Parts A and B do not.  To be fully insured, you will also need Medicare Part D for prescription drug coverage. Medicare Part D providers may be changed each fall. This supplement plan offers both a Plan F and a Plan G, the only difference being Plan G does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible which is $198 for 2020. 

Additional information on Medicare can be found at www.medicare.gov. You can also find a local Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) office at https://doi.nebraska.gov/consumer/find-local-office.


Medicare coverage for members age 65 and older

Medicare for 2020

Remember, if you decline dental coverage when you first enroll in Educators’ Medicare Supplement, you will not be able to add the dental coverage later.  Premiums posted are effective January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.

If you need an application packet for Educators’ Medicare Supplement, please call Blue Cross at 1-877-721-2583 to request one.

Only Educators’ Medicare Supplement offers dental coverage as part of the Medicare Supplement.  Be sure to ask for the policy by name:  Educators’ Medicare Supplement.

Retirement Seminars

NSEA offers seminars on retirement planning to local associations.  There is no individual charge for the one-hour seminars which are presented by NSEA Organizational Specialists Mike Wiesen and Kristen Sedlacek and hosted by NSEA-Retired. Request a seminar by sending an email to Rebecca Smith at rebecca.smith@nsea.org and labeling the subject line “Retirement Seminar request for (your local name)."


The award winning NSEA-Retired Corner in the NSEA VOICE and the award winning NSEA-Retired Advocate newsletter

This link takes you to the NSEA VOICE archives. Click on the desired issue. The NSEA-Retired Corner is generally near the end of that VOICE issue.

NSEA-Retired Advocate Archives


Volunteer Opportunities

CORE,  Call on Retired Educators
There are many ways retired members can continue to be of service to the profession. Several include: 

  • working with student members and new educators
  • making legislative contacts
  • assisting at local meetings and association offices
  • other

Contact NSEA-R president De Tonack at dtonack@neb.rr.com


Follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/NSEARetired


Leadership & Bylaws

Click here for the NSEA-Retired Bylaws



NSEA Staff


  • Platte Valley REA
  • Bellevue EA Retired
  • Central Panhandle REA
  • Elkhorn/Sandhills EAR
  • Lincoln EA Retired
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  • Omaha EA Retired