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Your leadership is needed!
State statute is clear: A school district cannot require teachers to make a commitment before March 15.
Here is the process a bill must undergo before it becomes a law.
A new year is a great time to reassess one’s own digital environment and implement some changes.
Our responsibility is to make every effort to help every student learn and grow. Building relationships takes a lot of work, effort, and care. It is good for us to also learn and grow as we accept and understand our students and families.
Nebraska NEA Director and Omaha Education Association board member Edward Ventura received more than $80K in student loan forgiveness with the assistance of NEA Member Benefits.
Scott Phillips can't really remember what inspired him to start reaching out to the public school teachers who taught him...
Kearney Education Association member Angela Wright filed her grievance on principles of fairness and respect. Her argument struck a chord with board members.
Petition circulators turn in more than 100K signatures.