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In 2024, one teacher will represent the good work of all Nebraska teachers as the Nebraska Teacher of the Year.
The Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Systems office will offer seminars throughout the spring.
Members push to make STEM more accessible to all students
Notification Deadline: April 15 It happens every year: Some K-12 Nebraska teachers receive Reduction in Force (RIF) notices informing them...
Our students, educators and schools need your help to balance out the negative rhetoric that poses a serious threat to schools in every community.
“The reason I am so active is because of what happened. I want to know the inner workings of my local association. I want to help educators feel supported."
Across the state, public schools have the local control and understanding of how to best serve students and their communities. Learn more about how focus programs are benefiting Nebraska.
Encourage them to join the NSEA-Aspiring Educators.
State statute is clear: a school district cannot require teachers to make a commitment before March 15.