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“Even being virtual, DA is always a great event, a wonderful place to talk about common issues, to meet colleagues and to begin to solve some of the sticky issues facing public education,” NSEA President Jenni Benson said.
Now-retired English teacher Diane Wigert spoke to senators about a horrific classroom experience with the hope of getting legislation passed prohibiting secretive recording in schools.
The annual prize honors one courageous Nebraska K-12 teacher with a $1,000 prize and plaque.
The April 22 conference will be held online and is open to all NSEA-Retired members.
In 2022, one teacher will represent the good work of all Nebraska teachers as the Nebraska Teacher of the Year.
NSEA is watching more than 160 individual bills related to public education.
The popular program is designed to increase agriculture awareness among Nebraska fourth-graders and their families.
Reflecting Identity Helps Build Reading Skills, by Dr. Beckie Tuttle
While Jenni’s 3-year-old granddaughter will assure you that unicorns exist, we want to address some of the inaccurate myths out there that we have heard about public education, the NSEA and the National Education Association.