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State Statute Sets Date as March 15
“I’m trained to work with individuals such as this student. I never want to touch a student in crisis, but this time, I was never given the opportunity to protect myself, or keep myself safe. It is an isolating, scary situation."
‘There was nothing to stop him from coming over and hurting me again or hurting the students in my classroom who are in wheelchairs and unable to defend themselves.’
NSEA’s goal is to ensure that all students and staff can learn and teach in a safe and supportive environment.
Last year, LB147 advanced to the floor of the Nebraska legislature, supported by NSEA. The provisions of LB147 would create safer classrooms across the state.
How to recognize behavior that is escalating, and how to intervene quickly and effectively to de-escalate that behavior.
In May, during the final weeks of the school year, hundreds of NSEA members sent emails, wrote and made phone calls to state senators, their extensive efforts all in support of LB147, a much-discussed student discipline and safety bill.
Your Association is also involved with numerous statewide coalitions, all working to ensure that all Nebraska students get the best education possible.
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