Collective Bargaining

Strong Membership = Power at the Bargaining Table

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Nebraska educators know that their job security, salary, benefits and working conditions are only protected and improved through their local association and the NSEA. For 156 years, NSEA has fought for public education, educators and students.   

Membership and Bargaining
Building and maintaining maximum membership in your local association is a source of power at the bargaining table and in the workplace. This requires engaging all members and inviting potential members to join. As local associations continue to work through the year-round bargaining calendar, they should engage members in issues that are important to them in their personal and professional lives through the power of collective bargaining. Providing affordable, high-quality health care benefits is an important tool to improving retention and recruitment.

Year-Round Collective Bargaining Calendar

* Microsearch: This is a secure database open to NSEA members. Register as a new user on that page for access to this site. This database is updated every month.

NSEA is maintaining an electronic library of local negotiated agreements for the exclusive use of NSEA members and NSEA staff. Access to this site requires individual registration, verification of eligibility and the use of a password. All NSEA members with a valid individual ID # are eligible users. Your individual ID # can be found on your VOICE label, just above your name. It is a 10-digit # beginning with 000 or 001.

Guide to Using Microsearch

To insure that your local's negotiated agreement appears on the web site: e-mail an electronic copy of your negotiated agreement, salary schedule page, and extra duty schedule (in its original format, i.e., Word, WordPerfect, Excel, etc.) to the NSEA Microsearch Team via email at If you have any questions about the new web site, how to send your agreement or how to find your ID #, e-mail our Microsearch Team or call 1-800-742-0047.