Membership Benefits

Great Savings!

The combined buying power of 2.7 million NEA members is a benefit that can save you many times the cost of your annual membership. Through NSEA and NEA, members are offered custom-tailored programs to meet the needs of education employees at an affordable cost.

There are a wide range of benefits available to NSEA/NEA members. From travel and retail discounts to insurance, investment or money management programs, your NSEA/NEA membership entitles you to participate in some excellent benefit programs that will save you money.

For toll-free information on NEA Member Benefit Programs, call 1-800-637-4636. For information on NSEA Member Benefit Programs, call 1-800-742-0047.

Grants & Opportunities

Belz/Lynch/Krause Educational Grant Fund

Belz-Lynch-Krause dollars are given for projects related to improving a local association; development of instructional materials; or for staff development for members of a local association. Eligible are any NSEA member; group of NSEA members; or any NSEA local association. Applications are due in March.



NSEA Membership Benefits

NSEA offers Nebraska teachers the services endorsed at the state level only. They are:

  • First Nebraska Credit Union
    First Nebraska Credit Union is a full service financial institution started in 1932 by educators for educators. They offer monthly checking and loan specials as well as excellent member service.

  • Horace Mann
    Horace Mann offers a complete line of life, home and auto insurance.

NEA Member Benefits

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NEA Insurance Programs

  • NEA Members Auto & Home Insurance Program - Available for NSEA and NEA members, this auto and home insurance program is designed to meet the needs of NSEA members, with exclusive rates and excellent service.
  • NEA Dues Tab Insurance: Valuable, automatic and free insurance protection just for eligible members. This insurance benefit, providing group term life and accidental death/dismemberment coverage, is provided by the NEA Members Insurance Trust.
  • NEA Term Life Insurance Plan. Underwritten by Prudential, NEA Life provides up to $300,000 of scheduled term life insurance coverage for educators, their spouses and dependents. No medical exam is required.
  • Guaranteed Issue Life. This plan is offered exclusively to NEA-Retired members age 55 and over. Coverage is guaranteed. Underwritten by Prudential.
  • Level Premium Term Life. Get up to $25,000 of term life insurance protection with a premium that won't increase until age 70. Coverage free for the first six months! Underwritten by Prudential.
  • Three-Way Home Protection: Helps protect mortgage payments against loss of life, loss of income due to total disability and loss of income due to involuntary unemployment. Certain restrictions apply.
  • AD&D Insurance. Provides 24-hour, worldwide accidental death and dismemberment protection. Entire family can be covered for $19 annually. Underwritten by Prudential.
  • MemberCare Supplemental Health. This portfolio of health plans is designed to supplement existing insurance protection. This new self-insured program matches the standard A through J Medicare supplement plans benefit for benefit. Plus, it offers extra discount programs for drugs, dental, hearing and vision care you won't find on other Medicare supplement plans - at no extra cost.
  • Income Protection. Protection for that most valuable of assets: the ability to work and earn an income. Underwritten by American Fidelity Assurance.
  • NEA MemberCare In-Hospital Plan. This program provides you with cash to pay those extra expenses you incur while in the hospital. It can provide up to $120 per day in cash benefits directly to you. If you are an NEA member under age 70, you are guaranteed acceptance.
  • NEA MemberCare Excess Major Medical Plan. This program covers you for up to $2 million in extraordinary medical expenses not covered by your current insurance.

Investment Services

  • Money Market Account. Insured by FDIC, this plan offers above average rates with a low minimum deposit. The account features complete liquidity with no penalty for early withdrawal. Rates will fluctuate.
  • NEA GoldCertificate CD. A new certificate of deposit created exclusively for NEA members. Features FDIC safety, higher interest, guaranteed returns and flexible terms from six to 60 months.

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