Staff Directory

updated September 2021

NSEA Management and Associates
Maddie Fennell Executive Director
Martha Livingston Confidential Administrative Assistant to the President and Executive Director
Sheri Jablonski Associate Executive Director/Comptroller
Kami Beaty Assistant Comptroller
Michelle Raphael Field and Special Projects Manager
Patty Schroer Assistant to the Field and Special Projects Manager
Roger Kucera Network Administrator
Additional Support Services
Jan Anderson Associate Staff - Conference Coordinator
Karen Kilgarin Director of Public Affairs & Communications
Emily Hemphill Assistant Director of Communications & Publications
Kristi Capek Assistant Director of Visual Communications & Digital Engagement
Kelsey Foley Associate Staff - Communications
Government Relations
Jason Hayes Director of Public Policy & Legislative Research
Brian Mikkelsen Director of Political Field Operations
Cathy Schapmann Associate Staff - Government Relations
Randy Gordon Collective Bargaining Specialist
Emme Grafton Associate Staff - Collective Bargaining
Trish Guinan Director of Advocacy
Jessy Hunt Associate Staff - Advocacy
Field Staff and Associates
Becca Dingwell Organizational Specialist
Jen Dubas Organizational Specialist
Mandy Faripour Organizational Specialist
Elizabeth Figueroa Organizational Specialist
Heather Fritz Organizational Specialist
Randy Gordon Organizational Specialist
Andy Isaacson Organizational Specialist
Andrea Longoria Organizational Specialist
Megan Lyons Organizational Specialist
Matt Pittman Organizational Specialist
Judy Roach Organizational Specialist
Kristen Sedlacek Organizational Specialist
Kim Story Organizational Specialist
Todd Tystad Organizational Specialist
Rich Wergin Organizational Specialist
Mike Wiesen Organizational Specialist
Tamra Mick Staff Associate
Becky Scherbring Staff Associate
Rebecca Smith Staff Associate
Membership and Accounting
Teresa Greve Associate Staff - Membership
Karen Hunt Associate Staff - Membership/Children's Fund
Teaching & Learning
Isau Metes Teaching and Learning Specialist/Assistant Director of Advocacy
Brandon Langlois Associate Staff - External Outreach