NSEA Board of Directors

August 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021

*NOTE: Districts Reps are listed by seniority on the Board within their District; District Presidents, SEAN/NSEA-Retired Reps are exofficio, non-voting members.

Office/District Name Term Expires E-mail
President Jenni Benson 2023 jenni.benson@nsea.org
Vice-Pres. Robert Miller 2023 robert.miller@nsea.org
NEA Dir. Tracy Hartman-Bradley 2022 trhb1000@gmail.com
NEA Dir. Linda Freye 2023 lfreye62@gmail.com
Capitol Julie Colby 2022 jcolby890@gmail.com
  Robin Ankrom 2021 rmjankrom@gmail.com
  Deb Rasmussen 2022 razner1@yahoo.com
  Mindy Diller 2023 mindydiller79@gmail.com
  *Burke Brown 2022 burke.brown77@gmail.com
Elkhorn Jason Wiese 2021 jwiese1974@gmail.com
  Kimberly Erickson 2022 bandgirlsmith@gmail.com
  Denton Beacom 2023 dentonbeacom96@gmail.com
  *Lisa Hanson 2022 lnewtonkai@gmail.com
Metro Sasha Cervantes 2023 sashachavez@gmail.com
  Justin Potts 2021 potts.justin@gmail.com
  Kathie Garabrandt 2022 kathiegara@gmail.com
  Tanishia Jacobs 2022 butlertanishia@gmail.com
  Sarah Dragon 2023 sarah.dragon@yahoo.com
  *Dave Herbener 2022 dherbener1@gmail.com
Panhandle Dashiell Rohan 2022 drohan00@hotmail.com
  *Renae Noble 2023 renae.noble@chadronschools.net
Sandhills Emily Tobias 2021 emily.tobias11@gmail.com
  *Kevin Pettigrew 2021 kevinp3232@gmail.com
Tri-Valley David Witt 2021 dwitt68901@gmail.com
  Deb Lyons 2022 dlyons.huskers@yahoo.com
  Melissa Boutwell 2023 mkboutwell@msn.com
  *Amy Burns 2021 lilhuskers712@gmail.com
EMAC At-Large Edward T. Ventura, Jr. 2021 venturaomaha@gmail.com
SEAN *Adrianne Kruger 2021 kruger438@gmail.com
NSEA-Retired *De Tonack 2023 dtonack@neb.rr.com
Higher Ed *Adam Fette 2022 adamfette@gmail.com
ESP *Travis Vo 2022 ttvo96@gmail.com
Exec. Dir. Maddie Fennell   maddie.fennell@nsea.org
Assoc. Exec. Comptroller Sheri Jablonski   sheri.jablonski@nsea.org
Field & Special Projects Dir. Michelle Raphael   michelle.raphael@nsea.org