Study shows art, music teachers most likely to hold second jobs

The National Center for Education Statistics released a new data report, Outside Jobs Among U.S. Public School Teachers, which describes U.S. public school teacher income from jobs outside the school system for the 2017-18 school year, categorized by main teaching assignment.

The late March findings include:

  • During the 2017-18 school year, 18% of public school teachers held a job outside of the school system.
  • Art or music teachers had the highest rate of taking on supplemental jobs (31%), and early childhood or general elementary teachers had the lowest rate (12%).
  • The average amount earned in an outside job was $5,800. Career and technical education teachers ($9,200) and health education teachers ($7,000) both earned more than the average amount. Teachers in English/language arts ($5,100) or in early childhood or general elementary education ($4,700) earned less than the average amount in their outside jobs.
  • Across all public school teachers who held a job outside the school system during the school year, 25% reported that their outside job was teaching or tutoring, 20% reported it was nonteaching but related to the teaching field, and 55% indicated it was some other type of job.

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