NSEA Delegate Assembly

The 2023 Assembly will be held April 28-29 at Lincoln’s Marriott Cornhusker Hotel.

To make your interest in serving as an elected delegate known, contact your local association president.

Documents & Information

April 2023
The Voice, April 2023

2022-23 NSEA Bylaws & Resolutions (revised Dec. 2022)

Review NSEA Election Procedures and guidelines (Revised January 2022)


BYLAWS: Deadline to submit Bylaws Amendments was 11:59 PM on Wednesday, March 15.

RESOLUTIONS: Deadline to submit Resolutions Amendments was 11:59 PM on Friday, April 14.

NEW BUSINESS ITEMS: Deadline to submit New Business Items was 11:59 PM on Friday, April 14.


2023 Award Nomination Forms: Nomination Deadline: Friday, February 17, 2023

Select the individual nomination form(s) below. Forms can be filled out and submitted using Adobe Reader. Forms will NOT submit properly if filled out in a browser window. 

Positions to be Elected at DA
The NSEA Vice President and one NEA Director (3-year terms) are up for election to the NSEA Board of Directors. Any active member wishing to seek office must declare their candidacy for the open positions in writing to NSEA Executive Director Trish Guinan by Feb. 15, 2023. Email her at: trish.guinan@nsea.org
Candidates seeking these offices who wish to have campaign materials posted for delegates must submit that information to NSEA Executive Director Trish Guinan by Tuesday, March 14. Email her at: trish.guinan@nsea.org
Candidates are responsible for reviewing the candidate policy guidelines found at: NSEA Election Procedures and guidelines
Be A Delegate to NSEA Delegate Assembly

All members are eligible to vote for their local association delegates to NSEA Delegate Assembly. Clustered locals will vote March 12- 22. Locals with more than 26 members, talk to your local president for your local election timeline.

Local Delegates

Deadline to File: Set by each Local Association
Secret ballot elections held at the local association level, with delegate names reported to NSEA by March 23.
Delegates from local associations with 26 or more members must be elected by secret ballot, according to federal statute. Presidents from those associations will be notified of the number of delegate representatives they may elect, based on their local association membership.

At-Large District Cluster Delegates

Deadline to File:  Sunday, March 5
Elected during online election by cluster locals per district, March 12-22

To elect voting delegates to NSEA’s annual Delegate Assembly business meeting, local associations with fewer than 26 members are grouped in “clusters” in each of NSEA’s six governance districts. For instance, all local associations in NSEA’s Capitol District with fewer than 26 members will vote on a common set of candidates for delegates to DA.


Members of Aspiring Educators (formerly the Student Education Association of Nebraska, or SEAN) will elect delegates to the NSEA Delegate Assembly. Watch for the Aspiring Educators newsletter for details on how to attend.

Aspiring Educator members will then elect delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly in statewide balloting following the Delegate Assembly.


Members of NSEA-Retired will use mail-in ballots in March.


  • If you are a local president, please use this form to report the names of the delegates from your local association who have been properly elected to attend the 2023 NSEA Delegate Assembly.

Cluster Delegates:

  • If you are in a local with fewer than 26 active members, you can file as a candidate to be elected as a cluster delegate. An online secret ballot election for clustered locals, of all properly filed candidates, will be held in March. NSEA will notify DA Cluster candidates of the results of the election on March 22.

Delegate Assembly Committee Reports

All NSEA committee chairs are required to give an annual report of their committee activities over the last year prior to the Delegate Assembly. 

Please use the form at www.nsea.org/DAreports to submit your report. Final reports will be listed below as they are received.


  • Aspiring Educators
  • Budget
  • Bylaws and Policy
  • Delegate Assembly Planning
  • Education Support Professionals
  • Elections
  • Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee
  • Governance NBI
  • Government Relations Committee
  • Higher Ed Affairs Committee
  • Membership
  • NEA Directors
  • NEA Resolutions Committee
  • NewGEN (Early Educators)
  • NSEA-Retired
  • Personnel
  • RA Planning
  • Retirement
  • Scholarship and Grants
  • School Safety and Discipline
  • Social Justice/Just Schools