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Some of Nebraska teachers may receive Reduction in Force (RIF) notices on or before April 15 this year. These notices...
Former President Also Led Association Headquarters Remodel Former NSEA President Jess Wolf died at his home in Hartington on Feb...
Association Steps In to Help Correct Two Miscalculated Payments for Lincoln Elementary Teacher
“Like our teachers, our Education Support Professionals are underpaid when compared to their peers across the country,” NSEA President Jenni Benson said.
Prevention and Safety Since every institution of higher education approached teaching in the pandemic differently, instructors and staff are not...
“NSEA is the only association that truly advocates for educators, all students and public schools,” said NSEA President Jenni Benson.
“I go to meetings and let my word be heard. And sometimes I get to move the needle a little bit.”
“I just feel safe having membership.”
When it comes to questions about your rights as a teacher, there is no out-of-state, storefront-based, quasi-professional membership group that will have a ready answer.