NSEA Public Outreach and Education

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Since 1997, NSEA has partnered with the Nebraska Broadcasters Association to provide the public with information about our public schools, including how to help students succeed and how parents and the community can support education. The most recent messages are below. 

  • Back to School Night (:30)
    Back to School night is an important event. Plan to attend and help your child prepare for success.
  • Good Start (:30)
    Summer is over - it’s time to settle into your back-to-school routine.
  • Conferences (:30)
    Parent - teacher conferences are a key ingredient in your child’s academic achievement.
  • Communication (:30)
    Communication between parents and teachers is crucial to improving a child’s achievement and happiness.
  • Community Cornerstones (:30)
    Public schools are the cornerstones of our communities—and it’s communities that ensure students have great public schools.
  • Reading (:30)
    Reading may be the most valuable skill your child will ever learn. And research proves that when children read outside the classroom, they do much better in school.
  • American Education Week  (Nov. 14-18, 2022) (:30)
    November 14th  through the 18th is American Education Week.
  • American Education Week-2  (Nov. 14-18, 2022) (:30)
    This week, November 14th  through the 18th,  is American Education Week. It’s a time to celebrate, recognize and value public education.
  • Benjamin Franklin (:30)
    Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
  • Ready to Learn (:30)
    What happens when students come to  school every day—on time and ready to learn? 
  • Favorite Teacher (:30)
    Do you remember your favorite teacher?