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Employees and employers both have a responsibility for confirming their paychecks are correct. It’s not a common problem, but it is an issue for which members have turned to NSEA for help.
Teachers who have had their classes participate in the program, both in-person and virtual, say the presentations are very informative, and their students learned about the importance of agriculture in the state.
As the nation honors the incalculable contributions that organized labor has made to improve the lives of all Americans on Labor Day, there are encouraging signs that the labor movement has momentum on its side for the first time in decades.
Did you ask any good questions today? Have you ever thought about how many questions you ask a day? How many questions have you answered today?
Elba Education Association member Donna Wratten learned the true cost of AAE’s “cheap” dues: A lack of support and guidance.
“The liability potential can be serious for public education employees.” - by NSEA Executive Director Trish Guinan
Organizing effort underway to increase pay for OEA’s bilingual liaisons
Omaha Public Schools will award stipends to 50-plus student teachers this semester and into 2023 in an effort to relieve financial stress for future educators and recruit more qualified teachers into the profession.
"I want post-pandemic public education to shine a new light on the magic that teachers create in their classrooms every day, and provide the tools and resources to multiply that magic exponentially."