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Research Supports Results: High Quality Mentoring Improves Skills, Cuts Turnover
NSEA Executive Director Maddie Fennell Tells Judiciary Committee School Safety Must be a State Priority
"In that action alone, TSTA rescued my family’s budget, gave me an understanding of the value of union membership, and helped me begin to speak up for myself, to find my voice."
NSEA Executive Director Maddie Fennell said a survey of NSEA’s 28,000 members found that “overwhelmingly, they don’t want to be armed or their colleagues to be armed.”
We need to remember what flight attendants always say — put on your mask before helping others. As educators, we need to help ourselves before we can help our students or colleagues.
The relationship between the Palmyra District OR-1 Education Association and the district’s board of education is pretty solid. President Burke...
There has been a definite surge in phishing emails and scams where an attacker appears to be someone you know...
Members of the Tekamah-Herman Education Association are well in front of the NEA edCommunities wave, with nearly every THEA member signed up with the new NEA virtual community.
Trusty had recognized immediately that the district’s hiring of a certificated teacher as a paraeducator – off the agreed-to salary schedule – conflicted with the Association’s negotiated agreement. Contract vigilance and watchfulness are ongoing endeavors.