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Members, public school allies rally to oppose private school tax scheme
Members urge lawmakers to reject private/religious school tax scheme
“Title IX had a huge impact on my life both as an educator and a coach. By the time I took my first teaching position, Title IX had already changed the course of education for women and girls.”
Members push to make STEM more accessible to all students
The statutory deadline for school districts to hand out RIF notices is April 15.
“The reason I am so active is because of what happened. I want to know the inner workings of my local association. I want to help educators feel supported."
Across the state, public schools have the local control and understanding of how to best serve students and their communities. Learn more about how focus programs are benefiting Nebraska.
Encourage them to join the NSEA-Aspiring Educators.
Reducing home energy use is good for several reasons. It keeps money in your pocket; and also lightens the load on local power grids and the environment — a win-win all around.