What to Do if You Receive a RIF Notice: Call NSEA.

Notification Deadline: April 15

It happens every year: Some K-12 Nebraska teachers receive Reduction in Force (RIF) notices informing them that their teaching contract may not be renewed for the coming year. The statutory deadline for school districts to hand out RIF notices is April 15.

However, thanks to legislation proposed by NSEA years ago, there is a statutory procedure that allows a teacher to ensure that the Reduction in Force process is followed correctly and fairly. In some instances, the process can result in saving the teacher’s job.

The best way to deal with a RIF notice is to be prepared. The moment you receive a RIF notice, a countdown begins. To preserve your rights when facing a RIF you must always request a hearing. The hearing must be requested within seven days of receiving the RIF notice (five days for community college faculty). While your situation may never reach an actual hearing, immediately calling NSEA will give you and NSEA’s Advocacy department time to determine what steps are in your best interest.

Email a copy of the notice to your NSEA Organizational Specialist. Once a copy of the RIF notice is received at NSEA headquarters, members will be encouraged to request a hearing to preserve their rights.

“The only way to preserve the rights of the teacher affected is to request a hearing. Doing so gives us time to sort out the issues and help the member make the best possible decision on how to proceed,” said NSEA Director of Advocacy Isau Metes.

“Teachers receiving settlement or buyout offers in lieu of a hearing should contact the NSEA before agreeing to anything,” she added.

If you have questions concerning the RIF process, contact your NSEA Organizational Specialist or Metes by calling 1-800-742-0047.