Platte Valley Retired Education Association




                    LaVila VanBoening  (2017-2019)

Vice President:

                    Yvette Engelhaupt  (2016-2018)


                    Karen Hastings  (2017-2019



                    Christy Hewitt  (2016-2018)

NSEA-Retired Tri-Valley Retired Board Representative:

                    Guy Roggenkamp  (2016-2019)

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                    Christy Hewitt

Card Committee:
                    Marianne Fitzgibbon


Meeting Location and Time:

                     The September 6 and November 1 meetings are in Grand Island, Ne.  These two meetings will be

                     held in the basement of the "First National Bank", 810 Allen Dr., in Grand Island.

                     The February 7 and May 2, 2018 meetings are in Hastings, Ne.  Check the meeting date information

                     for  the location address.


       **Meetings start at 2PM**


Meeting Dates and Program Topics:

                    September 6, 2017

                    Meeting location:  "First National Bank", 810 Allen Dr., Grand Island, Ne.     2PM

                         Program:  "Life In Ozu, Japan"

                         Present by:  Jan Greenland

                         Refreshment Committee  

                              Jan Barnason and Guy Roggenkamp


                   October 23 and 24, 2017

                      October 23   Pre-conference night activity  7PM

                      October 24   NSEA-Retired "Greater Nebraska Fall Conference" in Aurora, Ne.
                          More information at a later date
                          Registration 8:30 to 9
                          Conference  9AM to 3:30PM

                     November 1, 2017
                          Meeting location:  "First National Bank", 810 Allen Dr., Grand Island, Ne.   2PM              
                                 Program:   "History of Civil War Soldier in Merrick County"

                                 Presented by:  Bill Bolte

                                 Refreshment Committee    

                                     Yvette Englehaupt and Christy Hewitt                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


                      February 7, 2018

                                Meeting Location: "Hastings Heartland Bank", 3701 West Osborne Dr., Hastings, Ne.  2PM

                                     (just south of the Hastings Perkings Restaurant)

                                Program:  "Following the Path of Standing Bear and the Poncas" 

                                  Presented by: Dr. Will Locke

                                  Refreshment Committee

                                      Maryanne and Jim Fitzgibbons                           
                                      LaVila VanBoening



                   NSEA-RETIRED Elections

                   ** Please remember to vote when you receive your NSEA Retired notice of the election being held.**

                   Voting will take place towards the last of February to the first week or so of March.


                    April 26, 2018

                            NSEA-Retired Spring Conference 

                            More information at a later time.

                            Staring at 8:30AM - 3:30PM


                  May 2, 2018

                  Meeting Location:  Dinsdale Art Center, Hastings College, Hastings, Ne.  2PM

                          Program:  "Tour of This Architecturally Innovative Showplace"
                          Presented by: Tour guides

                          Refreshment Committee    

                                        Sharon Bohling and Martha and Jim McGahan




                                                                          NSEA-RETIRED  PVREA  MISSION

     NSEA-Retired shall be dedicated to the promotion of retirement with dignity, happiness, and adequate income by:

     a.  promoting the social, professional and economic status,  and the general welfare of retired public school employees,

     b.  providing a forum for united action with others who are devoted to the cause of public education,

     c.  promoting voluntary participation by its members in civic and educational affairs.



                                           History of NSEA Retired PVREA

     The Platte Valley Retired Education Association (PVREA) in affiliation with NSEA-R started on November 28, 2005 when Mo Nickels and Joe Higgins made contact with the following 4 members in the Grand Island area.  Those members were our first officers:  President - Gary Nickels, Vice President - Rita Lammers, Treasurer - Stan Urwiller, and Secretary - Martha McGahan.  PVREA held its first meeting on November 30, 2005 at the Home Federal Bank South in Grand Island, Nebraska  There were 28 retired teachers present.  Since that time, our membership has grown, reaching 59 members.  It was decided to have 4 meetings in our association year, September to May.  PVREA accepts members from anywhere in Nebraska, primarily covering an area within an approximate radius of 50 miles of Grand Island.  We do try to serve all of central Nebraska.


     PVREA is Tri-Valley's only NSEA Retired Organization.  We encourage you to join us in this association!  Our dues are $10.00 a year.  Membership in PVREA is open to NSEA and NSEA-R members.  Associate membership is available to spouses and anyone interested in educational issues, with all rights except voting rights.

                                            "Still Making A Difference"


                                   Thanks for viewing our PVREA website!


            Board Meeting Minutes