Your NSEA!

Only One Association Truly Advocates for You, Your Students and Public Education

There is a wonderful advantage to membership with your in-state, locally-based professional education association. Our experienced, in-state staff has years of involvement with members, as well as the background necessary to help you with everything from legal issues to professional development to communications skills training. They are there for advice, materials and to serve as your advocate.  For expertise and assistance to count on, turn to your on-the-ground staff at NSEA. Also important: your Association is 100 percent member-driven and member-led. 
NSEA members are present in every department in your building and district. NSEA’s long history with your district means we know how to address your concerns before they evolve into problems. 
Consider these behind-the-scenes benefits: With NSEA research and assistance, your colleagues negotiate with your school district on your behalf for higher salaries, benefits and improved working conditions. Studies show that states with collective bargaining have higher salaries than those without, and that employees who bargain have higher salaries than those who do not. We are the only organization able to assist with contract negotiations on your behalf.
NSEA has been the voice for Nebraska public education for 151 years.  We advocate for positive change and facilitate conflict resolution for members in every part of the state, every day. No other organization can match NSEA’s excellent track record, passion and service!
Don’t be Fooled by Imitators! 
 “Alternative” education associations are ineffective: They won’t bargain for your salary, benefits and working conditions; they won’t speak out and take action on issues that affect YOUR job, your working conditions, and YOUR school.
The day may come when you have a concern about an evaluation, your teaching certificate, or your contract. You place a call to your “alternative” association and reach a phone in Virginia or perhaps in a Los Angeles strip mall. The voice on the phone has not read your contract, has never met — or built a relationship — with you or your administrator. The voice has never been in your building, your community or your state. The voice will be of little help.
Such organizations rely on funds from national corporations and special interest groups. Their interest is not the well-being of you or your students. Many have ulterior, anti-collective bargaining, agendas. Some are clearly anti-public education. So, buyer beware – and know that the NSEA is here for YOU!