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Several leadership positions within NSEA will be up for election in 2022, and members are asked to consider the role they could play as a leader in the Association.

The window for filing for the 34 open elected positions on NSEA district boards and the NSEA Board of Directors will open on Saturday, Jan. 1, and will close on Sunday, Feb. 6.

Election of members as at-large delegates to NEA Representative Assembly will occur on the same timeline. Watch the January edition of The Voice for details on that filing process.

NSEA members will vote beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 18. Voting will close at midnight on Sunday, March 13.

Candidates will need their 10-digit NSEA membership number. Your number will be found above your name on the mailing label of The Voice, or on the email that delivers the digital editions of The Voice. Call NSEA if you have questions: 1-800-742-0047.

The filing process allows candidates to post a 50-word statement for voters to read. Type the statement in a Word or other text document and then paste the statement into the appropriate box during the filing process.

NSEA encourages minorities to seek office at all levels. NSEA’s Minority Involvement Plan says “It shall be the goal of the Association to seek minority representation on governing and appointive bodies at least equal to the percentage of minority membership for that appropriate level.”

Alternately, candidates may mail their name, address, local association name and 50-word statement to: NSEA Elections, 605 S. 14th St., Lincoln, NE 68508-2742. State which office you are seeking.





District Vacancies
Capitol President, Executive Committee (2 seats), NSEA Board (2 seats)
Elkhorn Treasurer, Secretary, Executive Committee (4 seats), NSEA Board (1 seat)
Metro President, Vice President, Executive Committee (subdistricts 3,6,9) NSEA Board (2 seats)
Panhandle Treasurer, Secretary, Executive Committee (areas 3,6,7), NSEA Board (1 seat)
Sandhills Treasurer, Secretary, Executive Committee (2 seats)
Tri-Valley Vice President, Executive Committee (one East, one Central), NSEA Board (1 seat)