SEAN Committees

How to become a committee member

Want to get involved with SEAN on the state level but not quite ready for an executive office? Join a committee! Not sure? Being on a committee does not necessarily require travel or a very large time committment, but provides you with an opportunity to be more involved.

If interested in being part of any of the committees, send an email and indicate your committee interest to


Bylaws/ Resolutions Committee

About: The Bylaws and Resolutions committee reviews the SEAN Bylaws and Resolutions each year and makes suggestions for changes to bring forth to the Delegate Assembly. The committee will also review any bylaws and/or resolutions changes that are proposed by the Nebraska student members. The committee will also be responsible for reviewing the bylaws and resolutions for the NSEA pertaining to SEAN and make suggestions for changes to the delegates who will be attending the NSEA DA.


Scholarship Committee

About: SEAN awards two scholarships, the Underclassmen Involvement Award, and the NSEA-Retired/SEAN Scholarship. Scholarship committee members serve as the judges of the applications received for these scholarships. Committee members are also responsible for looking the applications for the awards over and making suggestions for where the applications can be improved or adjusted.


Membership Committee

About: The membership committee is responsible for looking at new ways to increase and retain membership within the organization. The committee is also responsible for making suggestions to improve membership programs already in place.


Awards Committee

The Awards committee (formerly the Chapter of Excellence committee) is responsible for reviewing the awards applications each year and making suggestions for change in the applications to be presented. The committee also serves as the judging panel for the several awards SEAN gives out at its Delegate Assembly.