Professional Papers: Keep Them Handy

Filing Now Can Resolve Disputes Later

 Every educator -- and every educational support professional, as well -- should keep and have easy access to a 'professional papers' file that includes all records and documents relating to your employment status.

 Of importance, according to NSEA Director of Advocacy Trish Guinan, are copies of all papers, letters, documents or responses to queries that are submitted to administrators. Copies of such paperwork can help resolve disputes down the road.

 Of particular importance to education support professionals: copies of correspondence to or from other school personnel.

 Find your contract and place it in a file or plain, heavy-duty manila envelope. Check off the other items, below, as you collect them for your file:


Professional Paperwork

  • Your teaching certificate or licenses.
  • Your work resume and employment history.
  • Your record of education, including college transcripts; diplomas; post-graduate hours; trainings; technical or vocational certificates.
  • Letters of appointment or hire, plus your record of appointment or hiring as shown in school board minutes.
  • Minutes of all board action affecting your contract status and duties.
  • Records of non-college seminars and workshops.


Contract-Related Items

  • Your employment contract and supplemental contracts.
  • Your salary schedule and placement information.
  • Your annual salary notice, as supplied by your employer.
  • Records relating to retirement benefits.
  • Your record of accumulated sick leave, plus your record of sick and personal leave used.
  • Current and past teaching or work schedules and assignments.


Member Rights Paperwork

  • Records of disciplinary techniques and methods used in handling student problems. Note date and witnesses involved.
  • A record of assaults, violence or workplace thefts.



  • Correspondence to or from school administrators.
  • Letters of praise or of reprimand.
  • Records and notes from all evaluations.
  • Dated notes from conferences with supervisors.
  • Awards, commendations and honors.
  • School-related insurance policies.
  • A school calendar.

Don't forget to keep NSEA's phone number in a prominent location in the file: 1-800-742-0047.

You may also want to review your school's personnel policies, and collect and file any general school policies on discipline; corporal punishment; student suspension; access to school records; etc.

Questions? Call your Organizational Specialist at 1-800-742-0047.