Professional Development Catalog

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If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Raphael by email or call (800) 742-0047.

Protecting Your Negotiated Agreement

You have finished negotiating, but how do you protect what is in your agreement every year? How do you ensure that staff understand the impact of what’s been bargained?

Search and Find: Negotiated Agreement

Bring a copy of your current negotiated agreement and have fun searching for language that may or may not be in your agreement. This is a great primer for bargaining season.

Social Media Safety for Staff

What freedom of speech rights do teachers have online? How do you keep yourself safe using a school computer/device?

Strategies for Understanding Student Behaviors for K-12 Early Career Educators
Association Engagement, Social Justice

Participants will explore the behaviors used by students to draw attention away from the learning taking place in the classroom. By applying some basic intervention strategies, educators will learn to anticipate disruptive behaviors, redirect student energy, and maintain focus on the objectives for the day.

Strengthening Community Relationships
Partnerships, Professional Growth

Your school IS the heart of your community. How can your association and your school be more visible in the community? What are the various ways that educators and community members can increase student enrollment, provide for the changing needs of students/parents, and keep your school district moving forward?

Student Engagement/Positive Student Behavior
Professional Growth

Do your members want a few new tips to motivate and engage students in learning to increase positive behaviors? Or would they prefer a longer interactive presentation focused on this topic? Time can vary dependent on the interest of staff.

Training Local and Building Representatives for Transformational Leadership
Association Engagement, Representation

In this session, we will explore basic training for local/building leaders including how to develop structures of communication with school districts, when to represent and when to call NSEA for help, and how to organize around issues.

Utilizing True Colors in the School Environment
Advocacy, Association Engagement, Social Justice

True Colors® is Don Lowry’s interactive version of David Keirsey’s theories which predict human behavior. Using four colors to define personality types, this training teaches people how to work with one another, how to brighten their complementary colors, and lighten their strongest color. This training will allow educators to explore how they could utilize these personality theories to better understand the students and other adults in their school environment to be more successful.

Who Can See What? Controlling Social Media Privacy Settings
Advocacy, Association Engagement, Technology

How much of your information is being shared online, with or without your permission? What happens behind the scenes when you play quizzes on Facebook? Who has access to your photos? Should your Twitter account be private? What can others see and find on Snapchat? Come to this session and learn how you can control who can see what before you accidentally overshare.