NSEA-Retired Elections

Use the form below to submit your name as a candidate for NSEA-Retired offices, or as a delegate to either NSEA Delegate Assembly (April 26-27, 2019 in Lincoln) or NEA Representative Assembly (July 2-7, in Houston, TX). The deadline to file is February 8. 


I am a candidate for the NSEA-Retired Board of Directors, beginning August 15, 2019. I have included (or will e-mail) a bio of no more than 50 words.

---------- NSEA DELEGATE ASSEMBLY ----------

NSEA Delegate Assembly will be held at the Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel on April 26-27, 2019. NSEA-Retired will elect delegates to NSEA Delegate Assembly on a district as well as an at-large basis. Any active member of NSEA-Retired may be nominated. The NSEA-Retired President is a delegate by virtue of office. A total of nineteen (19) delegates will be elected.

Candidates for Delegate Assembly may file as a district candidate, as an at-large candidate, or as both a district and an at-large candidate. If running for Delegate Assembly only, do not submit a 50 word statement. 


NSEA-Retired will elect five delegates to the 2019 NEA Representative Assembly in Houston, July 2 - 7. Two delegates will be elected from Metro and Capitol Districts combined, and two delegates will be elected from the combined membership of Capitol, Elkhorn, Panhandle, Sandhills, and Tri-Valley Districts plus out of state, and one at large delegate. Any active member of NSEA-Retired may be nominated. The NSEA-Retired president is a delegate by virtue of office.

Candidates for NSEA-Retired Board of Directors and/or NEA Representative Assembly are asked to provide a 50 word statement that outlines association experience. This can either be included on this form below, or emailed separately to Rebecca Smith (rebecca.smith@nsea.org) before February 8, 2019.