NSEA Fact Sheet: Teachers Called to Active Military Duty

Health Insurance
COBRA coverage is available for reservists and their dependents. This will provide for the continuation of the local health insurance coverage. Since military insurance does not take effect immediately, COBRA will provide immediate coverage, although it is available for 18 months after leaving employment. The forms are available from the local school district; teachers should consult with the local district about this coverage before leaving employment. NOTE: if the leave is for less than 31 days, the employee's share of the premium for that period must be the same as for an active employee.

When the reservist returns from active duty, reentry into the EHA BC/BS Plan can be made with no waiting period.

For answers to individual insurance questions, call Kurt Genrich, BC/BS School Systems Manager, at 1-800-562-6394.

Employees returning from active service should be prepared to prove to the Retirement System that they had been on active duty. The employee will be credited with full service as if there had been no break in employment. [These provisions are true for both the Omaha and State systems.]

Reinstatement to Employment
Employers are generally required to reinstate employees returning from active service even if no vacancy exists, unless it can be shown that reemployment is impossible or unreasonable. The burden of proof is on the employer.

Employers are obligated to treat returning uniformed service employees as if they had been continually employed for purposes of seniority or for any benefit of employment.

School districts are not allowed to pay teachers for military service longer than 15 days per calendar year. Teachers returning from military service should be placed on the salary schedule as if they had no break in service.

Membership dues are suspended for the period of active service. The member must call the NSEA Membership Department (1-800-742-0047) to initiate this benefit. The NSEA will notify the NEA and the local school district that membership fees will not be collected during active service, nor due upon return of the member. Rights and privileges of membership will be continued during active service [EEL benefits and Association legal services are not applicable to situations in military duty].