NEA Student Program & SEAN Awards

What are the NEA Student Program Awards?

Each year NEA Student Program presents national awards to outstanding SEA chapters, student association leaders, and state programs. SEAN encourages every chapter to apply for these awards.

As a further incentive to participate in the awards program, SEAN will use these same applications for our own state awards to chapters and leaders. These awards will be presented at the SEAN Delegate Assembly in April.

What are the benefits of applying?

The advantage for your local chapters is that by completing just one set of applications, you can automatically be entered into both the national and state awards competitions.

By applying, your chapter will receive recognition not only by your fellow Nebraska peers, but also by the top student program leaders in the nation.

How does this work?

Your chapter leaders fill out the application and send it into SEAN.

The SEAN Awards committee will review the applications, determine the state winners and forward the application on to the National Student Program awards committee.

The NEA-SP awards committee will review the applications and determine national winners in all the categories.

SEAN State Awards are presented at the Spring Delegate Assembly, and the NEA-SP Awards are presented at the Student Leadership Conference in June.

What awards can we apply for?

Awards will be presented at both state and national levels in the following categories:

Outstanding Local Advisor Award
Outstanding Local Student Leader Award
Local Rookie Award
Outstanding Local Newsletter Award
Outstanding Local Website Award
Local Excellence Award (This award replaces the former Chapter of Excellence award)

Awards in the following categories will only be awarded at the national level**:

Outstanding State Organizer Award
Outstanding State Student Leader Award
Outstanding State Rookie Award
Outstanding CLASS Project
State Excellence Award
Outstanding State Newsletter Award

**We do ask that you send in applications for allnational awards to the state, even if they will not be awarded at the state level. We will review them and make sure they are sent in the proper categories.

We're in! Where do we apply?