Legislation & Politics

Education funding cuts hurt students, staff, schools, colleges and our economy. It is in the best interest of all Nebraskans to keep schools fully staffed. Maintaining a broad and deep curriculum and appropriate class size will help raise student achievement and ensure our state’s educational and economic competitiveness.

Prudent management and funding of the state’s school employees’ retirement plan is an obligation of the state and is necessary to ensure Nebraska’s ability to recruit and retain quality teachers and support professionals – key ingredients to student success and the economic prosperity of our communities and state.

Everything that happens in public school classrooms across this state is affected by legislation and politics. From curriculum to standards to testing to funding to teacher certification, the decisions made from the White House to the statehouse affect students, parents, education employees and, in fact, all citizens of our state.

The Nebraska State Education Association and the National Education Association work to ensure public officials have the information they need to make public policy decisions that promote high student achievement, quality teachers and adequate funding for public education.

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