Delegate Assembly

The 2016 Delegate Assembly will be held April 14-15, 2016 at Embassy Suites in Lincoln.


Award Nomination Forms:



The 2015 Delegate Assembly was held April 24-25 in Lincoln.
Follow up items from the 2015 DA:

DOWNLOAD the 2014-15 Bylaws & Resolutions.

Proposed Bylaws Revisions and Dues Recommendation - Posted 3/25/2015


Proposed New Business, Amendments and Resolution Forms

(MAC users: The PDF forms must be opened in Adobe Reader -- Not PREVIEW -- for you to save data to the form and submit properly. Please make sure you are using Adobe Reader. Forms will not submit if using Chrome as the browser, on PC or Mac.)

A New Business Item

Download the New Business Item form here. (PDF form to submit or print)

Submit a New Business Item online.

New Business Items typically call for a specific action. For instance, "The NSEA shall lobby the Legislature for an increase in teacher salaries."

New Business Items are due to the NSEA office by April 10, 2015 to be included in the DA Workbook.

A Bylaws Amendment

Download the Bylaws Amendment form here. (PDF form to submit or print)

Submit a Bylaws Amendment online.

A Bylaws Amendment would change the governing documents of the Association. For example, a particular section of the Bylaws could be altered to add additional duties to the job description of the president. Bylaws Amendments must be submitted in writing by March 25, 2015.


A Resolution

Download the Resolution form here. (PDF form to submit or print)

Submit a Proposed Resolution online.

A Resolution is a statement of belief. For example: "The NSEA believes that all students should have a safe environment in which to learn." Delegates annually consider a lengthy series of Resolutions, many of which carry over from year to year. Resolutions are due in the NSEA office no later than April 10, 2015 to be included in the DA Workbook.

A Standing or Procedural Rule

Download the Standing or Procedural Rule form here. (PDF form to submit or print)

Submit an Amendment to the Standing and Procedural Rules online.

Such rules govern how the DA will operate. For example, a local may want the NSEA to furnish a pen and notebook for each delegate. Such proposals submitted by March 25, 2015 and require a majority vote of delegates for approval. If submitted at the Delegate Assembly, the same proposal would require a two-thirds majority vote for approval.

Please fill out and return the above forms to:

Delegate Assembly
Nebraska State Education Association
605 S. 14th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

You may also submit the forms via email, using the buttons on the form, or attach the completed forms to an email addressed to: