Benefits & Programs

$1,000,000 Liability Insurance

NEA Educators Employment Liability (EEL) program is a professional liability insurance program provided by the NEA as a benefit of membership, and all SEAN members are covered for classroom related activities. As an observer in the classroom or when you are doing your student teaching, you may be involved in situations which result in legal actions involving your personal liability. The EEL program will provide you with insurance protection for the vast majority of cases. The program also reimburses you for damage to your personal property in assault related incidents.


As a membership benefit, you will receive a copy of the following NEA, NSEA, and SEAN publications.

NEA Today

A newspaper published by NEA nine times a year, which covers education issues and the activities of NEA members.

Tomorrow's Teacher

A special NEA Student Program magazine published for student members once a year.

NSEA Voice

A newprint magazine published by the NSEA 10 time a year, plus a membership edition, which reports Nebraska teacher activities and the critical issues facing education today.

SEAN Scene

A newsletter printed for SEAN members which reports chapter activities, current meetings, resources, general information of interest to student teachers.

NEA Professional Library

An NEA publishing operation that produces books, brochures, and audio-visual materials to meet the education needs of its members. Teacher-written and teacher-approved, it is the largest single source of in-service materials for educators. The professional materials, both print and audio visual, reflect the state of art in education. For a free copy of the catalog write: NEA Professional Library, P.O. Box 509, West Haven CT 06516


Membership benefits also include certain discount programs. Such programs may apply to magazines subcriptions and car rentals. For more information, call NEA Member Benefits at 800-637-4636.

10% Textbook Discount

Student members receive a 10% discount on textbooks bought online at Barnes & Noble.

Attention teachers and teachers-to-be: Information on College Loan Forgiveness programs.