Ag Sack Lunch Program Teaches Ag, Feeds Students

The 11th annual Ag Sack Lunch Program heads into the spring semester offering schools the option of either virtual or in-person presentations as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the nation’s educational systems. The popular program is designed to increase agriculture awareness among Nebraska fourth-graders and their families.

For fourth-grade classes that are able to make the trip to Lincoln to visit the State Capitol, the program provides free sack lunches to the students while they listen to a short presentation about agriculture in Nebraska. The sessions are led by “Ag Ambassadors,” students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Agriculture. Students at schools opting for virtual presentations also hear about the importance of agriculture to Nebraska’s economy.

“We are pleased that we’ve been able to resume offering in-person presentations for classes that are coming to Lincoln,” said Karen Brokaw, Ag Sack Lunch Program coordinator. “Of course, we practice social distancing and the wearing of masks during those in-person sessions.”

According to Brokaw, the program continues to receive accolades from teachers, including those who have participated in the virtual presentations during the pandemic.

Ashland-Greenwood teacher Elsielynn Busenitz praised the virtual presentation that her class enjoyed in February.

“My students were engaged and were provided many opportunities to engage with the speaker,” Busenitz said. “The information was interesting and well presented to the students so that they were interested and understood it.”

The Ag Sack Lunch Program is sponsored by the Nebraska Corn Board, the Nebraska Soybean Board, the Nebraska Pork Producers Association, Nebraska Beef Council, Midwest Dairy and Nebraska Poultry Industries.

For more information, call Brokaw at (402) 432-2299.