Email Your Senator: Oppose LB364

Please contact your senator to oppose LB364:

  • LB 364 would create a dollar-for-dollar tax benefit for those who donate to an organization that provides private school scholarships. For example, a $10,000 donation to a scholarship-granting organization would be worth $10,000 to the taxpayer, while a $10,000 donation to a public school foundation or other charity would only be worth $684 for someone paying at the top personal income tax rate.
  • LB 364 would lead to harmful cuts in funding for our public schools. LB364 is fiscally irresponsible, and would give millions of dollars in tax credits to wealthy individuals and corporations every year. States with similar legislation, such as Georgia and Arizona, have seen exponential losses in revenue, which means funding cuts for public schools and other essential public services.
  • LB 364 puts additional pressure on property taxes in Nebraska – and our public schools are already over-reliant on property tax for funding – by siphoning public tax dollars to give to private schools.
  • LB 364 doesn't protect students or their families from discrimination. Unlike public schools, private schools are allowed to discriminate based on religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and other characteristics. We don't believe taxpayers' hard-earned dollars should be used to support educational models that aren't required to serve ALL children - as public schools are.
  • Nebraska already ranks 49th in the nation for state support of K-12 education. We need to invest in our public schools - not defund them.



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