Support Public Education License Plate

Celebrate Public School Education with New License Plate Design
Click here for the proposed plate design

Orders as of 6/20/2022:

The draft plate design above will be submitted to the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles for review and possible modifications. We hope to receive final approval from DMV soon.


Click here to download or print these FAQs

  • If the plate is not approved, where does the $70 go?
    If NSEA does not receive 250 applications, the $70 will be returned to the individual. The checks will not be cashed until 250 applications have been received.
  • Can I have a personalized message on this specialty plate?
    Yes, you can personalize your plate using up to 5 characters.
  • Is the cost $70 per year as long as I have specialty plates?
    Yes, the organizational specialty plates fee is $70 and is due at the time of initial application and again at each annual renewal. The plates are renewed in the month of the vehicle's registration renewal. The distribution of the $70.00 fee is as follows: 60% ($42.00) to the Department of Motor Vehicles Cash Fund and 40% ($28.00) to the Highway Trust Fund.
  • Does NSEA receive any money from the specialty plate orders?
    No. NSEA is making these plates available for members and the public as a way to show support for Nebraska public education.   
  • Do I have to be a member to get a plate?
    No. The NSEA Specialty plate with its message to “Support Public Education” is available to the public.
  • Can specialty plates can have the handicap logo?
    No. The DMV only allows the handicap logo to be used on the Handicap Special Use Plate.  
  • How can I order and use this specialty plate if my current plates are renewed this month?
    Renew your current plates as is customary. Submit your pre-order form and $70 to NSEA and when the “Support Public Education” plate is released, take your old plates to your local DMV and they will give you your new Specialty plates.
  • Why do some specialty plates cost less than others?
    For example, the Mountain Lion plate is a "Specialty Plate" that was established by the Legislature. Rules governing that and some other Specialty Plates are different than the DMV's Organizational Plates rules. The "Support Public Education" plate is an Organizational Plate. More information is available at