NSEA Recommended Candidates: 2024 Primary

The candidates listed here have earned the recommendation of the NSEA. They completed a questionnaire and were interviewed by NSEA members--your colleagues-- about their positions on education issues. They deserve your vote.


updated 06/13/2024

U.S. Senate

Preston Love


Congress Dist. 1

Carol Blood

Nebraska State Legislature

LD 01: Glenda Willnerd and Dennis Schaardt

LD 03: Victor Rountree

LD 05: Flint Harkness and Margo Juarez

LD 07: Dunixi Guereca

LD 09: Sen. John Cavanaugh

LD 13: Nick Batter, Tracy Hightower-Henne, Ashlei Spivey

LD 15: Dave Wordekemper

LD 17: Cindy Kai

LD 19: Melissa Temple

LD 21: Seth Derner

LD 23: Larissa Schultz

LD 25: Nicki Behmer Popp

LD 27: Jason Prokop

LD 29: Sen. Eliot Bostar

LD 31: Mary Ann Folchert

LD 33: Paul Hamelink, Dan Lonowski, Michelle Smith

LD 35: Dan Quick

LD 39: Allison Heimes

LD 45: Sarah Centineo

LD 49: Sen. Jen Day

State Board of Education

District 1: Kristin Christensen

District 2: Maggie Douglas

District 3: Bill McAllister

District 4: Liz Renner