2017 District Elections


Use this form to submit your name as a candidate for office, or as a delegate to the National Education Association Representative Assembly. (NEA RA will be held June 30–July 5 in Boston, MA.)

The deadline for filing for office is Sunday, Feb. 5.

Click here to view the names submitted.

Your NSEA Membership ID number can be found on your ACCESS card, or on your Voice mailing label, as shown here.On this form, your ID number serves as your signature.
Your name can appear on the ballot as an At-Large and/or Cluster delegate. At-Large delegates will be reimbursed for transportation, lodging and meal expenses. Cluster delegates fund their own RA costs.
If provided, the 50 word statements will be linked to your name on the ballots. You may use any word processing program to type your statement, spell check, etc. Copy and paste your text into the box below. **This is not required for your name to appear on the ballot.** If you choose to provide a statement, they must be submitted before February 5, 2016. The cut-off for the statements is 50 words ONLY.
If you choose to provide a statement, you may email it to Patty Schroer (patty.schroer@nsea.org) any time before January 23, 2015.