Will Certificate Renewal Jeopardize Retirement?

Your Organizational Specialist Can Answer

There is, on occasion, a time when the calendar brings together two events that are a rarity – even for teachers who have taught for decades.

For instance, this email question came to an NSEA organizational specialist through the Association’s website:

“I am planning to retire when my contract ends June 30, but my teacher's certificate is also up for recertification. Is there any reason why I should not renew it? Renewing it doesn't jeopardize my retirement in any way, does it?”

That’s a great question, and one the NSEA member – never having retired before! – could not answer. Fortunately, NSEA’s 18 organizational specialists can either answer such questions immediately or know where to find the answer in a timely fashion. Among the pointers given to the member: it would be easier to renew the teaching certificate while still teaching, in the event the teacher would consider working as a substitute after retirement.

Sometimes, administrators “tinker” with contracts, causing tension with staff, as was outlined in this question:

“We have received our contracts which are due April 10. I have been full time, but my position is changing somewhat. I will be a literacy coach from 8:15-10 a.m., but the remainder of my day is questionable. I am nervous to sign my contract due to the “administration may assign you to where they see fit.” I had a similar problem last year as I was used many days as a substitute. I talked to our elementary principal about wanting to know what I would be doing next year. The response was “I’m not sure.” I asked if he would know before April 10 and the reply was “Don’t know.” Am I crazy to sign my contract without knowing what I’ll be doing next year?”

Dealing with questions like that can be sticky at the building level. That’s why it is best to call your NSEA organizational specialist. Your NSEA representative can visit with the administration with you, or on your behalf, and often reach a solution that works for everyone.

In the case immediate, urgent assistance is needed, call NSEA at 1-800-742-0047. In Omaha, call 402-731-0800. In Lincoln, call 402-489-7500. Or, use the ‘Contact Us’ link.