What Do You Do if You Receive a RIF Notice?

The Answer is Simple: Call NSEA

It happens every year at Nebraska school districts large and small: a teacher receives a Reduction in Force notice – a pink slip – notifying the teacher that the last day of school is the teacher’s last day with the district.

With Nebraska schools facing tight budgets, RIFs are a fact of life across the state. The statutory deadline for school districts to hand out RIF notices is April 15. 

The best way to deal with RIF notices is to be prepared. Here is NSEA’s tried and true advice: If you receive a RIF notice, call NSEA immediately. 

The moment you receive a RIF notice, a countdown begins. By state statute, you have only seven days in which to request a hearing to contest the notice. 

While your situation may never reach an actual hearing, the best option is to act quickly by immediately giving NSEA a call. That will give you, your NSEA Organizational Specialist and NSEA’s Advocacy Department time to determine what steps are in your best interest.

If you receive a notice, do two things immediately:

  • Fax a copy of the RIF notice to the NSEA at 1-402-475-2630.
  • Call your NSEA Organizational Specialist at 1-800-742-0047 to verify that the fax has arrived.

As always, if you have questions, contact your Organizational Specialist or NSEA’s Advocacy Office at 1-800-742-0047.