Tune in for Positive Public Education Buzz

This school year, Nebraska broadcasters and teachers are celebrating a 25-year partnership in support of children and public education.

With help from the Nebraska Broadcasters Association (NBA), educational and positive messages about public education reach people statewide.

Using NSEA-produced radio and television ads, this joint effort spotlights the importance of education to the health and well-being of our children and youth, our communities and our state. It also celebrates our public school educators and their great work with students.  

More than 100 radio and television stations across Nebraska participate in the program, according to Jim Timm, Executive Director of the NBA.

“The Nebraska Broadcasters Association is pleased to continue this partnership with the NSEA to promote quality public education in Nebraska. This program enables the NSEA to undertake a media campaign of vast proportions at a minimal cost,” Timm said.

“Our goal is to continually highlight and strengthen the connection between public schools and the public,” said Karen Kilgarin, NSEA Director of Public Affairs and Communications. “We want to encourage the building of partnerships between schools and communities on behalf of students and educators.”

NSEA President Jenni Benson is featured in a number of the spots that will be aired this fall.

“Our schools are places of learning, intelligence and wonders,” Benson said. “These messages remind the majority of today’s citizens, who neither attend school nor have children in school, what vital, exciting and productive places our schools are and the importance of supporting public education and today’s students and educators.

 “We value and thank our Nebraska broadcasters and their professional association, the NBA, for their support of public education.”