Standing Up to COVID

 I Love Public Schools shares student stories in latest documentaries

High school can be a challenging time – especially in a pandemic. I Love Public Schools, an organization dedicated to supporting public education, captured first-hand accounts from students about their experiences during the unprecedented school year stemming from COVID-19.

During the pandemic, I Love Public Schools heard from a lot of adults – educators, teachers, health officials and others who were putting practices in place, orchestrating plans, rearranging plans, and starting over again as the waves of COVID changed the course of the school year. One voice that needed to be heard was that of Nebraska’s students.

Most of the 244 school districts in Nebraska returned to school in-person, part-time or full-time, for the duration of the 2020 -2021 school year.

From Bellevue to Grand Island, to smaller rural communities like Aurora and Atkinson, the “Standing Up to COVID” documentary film series interviewed more than 15 students about their experiences.

“COVID has taught me to be patient and to be OK with not knowing and to not have to have complete structure,” said Dani, a student from Bellevue West. “It’s OK to have fluidity or open-mindedness or to not accomplish something someday, having to be able to take that mental health day and know my limits and to know what makes me work as a person.”

During the most critical moment in modern history, I Love Public Schools asked questions about students’ day-to-day lives and how they discovered new routines.

The films provided an outlet for students to express their feelings about the most isolating and challenging parts of the pandemic.

The series showcases how each experience was unique – and yet somehow universal to the experience of all of us this past year.

These stories demonstrate the incredible strength of returning to the classroom amid a new normal.

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