SEAN-NSEA Retired Scholarship Information

Scholarship Qualifications and Application

updated 11/03/2016

NSEA-Retired contributes $3,000 annually to the SEAN/NSEA-Retired Scholarship Program. This contribution funds up to three $1,000 scholarships.  The scholarship winners are selected by the NSEA-Retired SEAN Scholarship Selection Committee.

The three scholarship recipients are selected in March, and officially recognized at the SEAN Spring Delegate Assembly.

The scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:

  1. Applicants shall be juniors or seniors who have been SEAN members for at least two years, including the current year.
  2. Scholarships are awarded based on both financial need and essay question answers.
  3. Three letters of recommendation should accompany the application:  one from a faculty or staff member of the college or university the student applicant is attending; one from a local SEAN chapter officer; and one recommendation from the SEAN Advisor.
  4. Applications must be sent by regular mail to the Tamra Mick, NSEA, 605 South 14th Street, Lincoln, NE 68508. Applications must be postmarked no later than March 1 of each year.
  5. Scholarships shall be effective for the student teaching semester. Checks shall be issued jointly to the student and his/her college or university.

For more information, contact Tamra Mick ( or at 800-742-0047.