Retirement and Financial Planning Seminars

NSEA-Retired provides the following two seminars to both active and retired NSEA locals. Each has proved to be extremely popular with members.

NSEA-Retired does not charge individual NSEA members to attend the seminars, but does ask that the expenses to bring the seminars to your local be covered.  Each NSEA District has established a policy that will help cover the expenses for bringing the sessions to their district.  Locals are encouraged to contact their District President to find out what kind of help they will able to access.

How to request a session:

E-mail Roger Rea at with your request. Please put "Retirement Seminar for [your local name]" in the subject line of your e-mail. If you wish, call Roger at (402) 330-6870.

Financial Planning Seminar

The financial planning session lasts about 60 minutes with time for questions and answers. 

Topics covered include:

  • The advantages of tax-deferred investments over taxable investments
  • What kinds of tax deferred investment options are available to school employees
  • Risks involved in making investments in stocks compared to the risks involved in bond investments
  • What mix should you consider for your investments (stocks, bonds, insured deposits)
  • Historical returns of various asset classes



Retirement Planning Seminar

The seminar is a Power Point presentation that lasts approximately 90 minutes (with time for questions and answers). Things you should consider regarding planning for retirement are discussed in the seminar.

Topics covered include:

    • How do you calculate your retirement benefits?
    • What factors affect the amount of your retirement benefit?
    • How do the eight payment options differ?
    • Who should you name as your primary beneficiary?
    • What about health insurance after retirement?