Professional Practices: Coming to a Meeting Near You

PPC on the Road, in Prevention Mode

The Professional Practices Commission is on the road!

Clerk of the Commission Kelly Muthersbaugh is ready to travel to local association or area meetings to tell the story of the PPC, with two goals in mind.

First, Muthersbaugh hopes to get the word out about the 12-member commission. Second, she hopes that a little bit of knowledge will be worth a whole bunch of prevention.

Muthersbaugh is new to the job as clerk and says the Commission sees too many cases involving social media, for instance, that result in suspension or revocation of teaching certificates. Complaints filed against a teacher land in Muthersbaugh’s office.

Her office also investigates – the NPPC has a fulltime investigator – and prosecutes the complaint in a public hearing before the 12-member Commission.

Commission members – a mix of teachers and administrators – then recommend action to the State Board of Education. The Commission might recommend no action, a suspension of a teaching certificate for a set time, or complete revocation of a teaching license, depending on the infraction.

“Letting members know about what we do may prevent teachers from making a mistake that could end a career,” said Muthersbaugh.

Muthersbaugh is willing, depending on availability, to appear at association meetings, regional meetings or elsewhere to talk about the work of the NPPC and how it works. To schedule a visit by Muthersbaugh, contact her at 402-471-2943, or email her at: