Professional Development on Tap at Delegate Assembly

Delegates Sought PD, Now It’s on the Agenda

You’ve asked for it, now you’ll get it!

Over the past few years, members at NSEA’s April Delegate Assembly have suggested the annual business meeting also include professional development opportunities for members.

That will happen at the April 2018 event.

“We are still firming up our plans and format, but I think members will get a great deal of value out of the topics and ideas we are considering,” said NSEA President Jenni Benson.

Initial plans call for the professional development to be offered on Friday evening, April 27, with all Association business to be conducted the following day.

Tentative professional development topics include trauma-informed classrooms; bullying; NEA’s Degrees Not Debt program; Teach to Lead; legislative updates; teacher appraisal; social justice and more. Up to 10 options may be available, with each topic available at least twice during the evening.

In another new twist, the professional development programming will be open to registered delegates and non-delegates alike.

“It is important that all NSEA members have access to these kinds of opportunities,” said NSEA Executive Director Maddie Fennell. “This is the first of many professional development offerings we plan to provide members in 2018 and beyond.”

On Saturday, delegates will discuss and debate changes to Bylaws, any proposed new Resolutions or New Business Items. Dues for 2017-18 will also be set by Delegates on Saturday.

The 2017 Delegate Assembly is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, April 27-28 at the Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel.

To make your interest in serving as a delegate known, contact your local association president, your local association building representative, or your NSEA organizational specialist at 1-800-742-0047.