Principal of Fun to Highlight NSEA University

Great Professional Development Scheduled for First-Ever NSEA U in July

As the calendar moves past winter, the leadership and staff at NSEA have been cooking up a delicious schedule for the Association’s first full summer conference in nearly 20 years. Attendees will be able to choose from a deep menu of professional development, will be able to get a taste of Association services and enjoy a dash or two of membership details.

They’ll also get a heaping spoonful of sugar, in the form of celebrity elementary school Principal Gerry Brooks.

The quick-talking Brooks has parlayed his short, humorous videos into internet sensation status by drawing on his experiences as principal of an elementary school in Lexington, KY. His southern drawl and easy-going manner are an asset as he encourages and helps teachers improve their instructional abilities. He has spoken to educational groups across the nation about getting teachers to improve their instruction through personal climate and culture strategies.

Brooks will appear as keynote speaker during the July 15-18 NSEA University — NSEA U for short — conference. He will offer two of the nearly 180 breakout sessions planned over the three days. All sessions will be held at the University of Nebraska’s sparkling new Innovation Campus.

‘A Better Product’

The conference combines aspects of NSEA’s annual fall membership meetings, the former Advocacy Conference held in September or October each year, and Leadership Institute held every summer. 

“In rolling these events all into one, we believe we’ll offer a far better product to our members,” said NSEA President Jenni Benson.

Under the NSEA U umbrella members will find the best of Advocacy Conference, highlighting bargaining issues; Leadership Institute, featuring skills and knowledge development for up-and-coming leaders; and membership meetings, allowing local leaders and members to collect membership materials.

Attendees will also be able to select from some 180 professional development sessions to be offered. Many of those breakout session topics will fall under the five provisions of NSEA’s strategic plan: bargaining and member rights, membership, political action, governance and social justice.

A training for local association presidents will take place on the Monday preceding the conference kickoff on Tuesday.

Registration Open in April

In addition to the serious side of his presentation, Brooks is also pretty funny.

For instance, Brooks has posted YouTube videos titled The Home Visit, Teacher Buttons, Teacher Apparel, Celebrity Beauty Routines and more. He will undoubtedly weave humor into his Nebraska keynote.

Brooks spent six years in the classroom, two years as an intervention specialist and the past 12 years as a principal in Lexington, KY. More than 500,000 people follow Brooks on social media.

Watch for registration details on the NSEA website at