A Once-in-a-Lifetime Event

NSEA’s 150th Worthy of Your Time

Why should you attend NSEA’s Delegate Assembly?

For starters, delegates and dignitaries will be the lone invitees to NSEA’s 150th anniversary celebration on Friday night.

Consider that the following day, delegates will select a trio of leaders who will have important roles in guiding the Association for the next three years. The roles of president, vice president and one of two NSEA members on the NEA Board of Directors will be up for election. Those officers represent three of the four members of NSEA’s Executive Committee.

Add the effects of a likely less-than-friendly Legislative session; a report on two years of work by the Governance Review Task Force; and delivery of a Strategic Plan for delegate consideration; and the Saturday business will keep delegates moving.

Indeed, the Nebraska Legislature may tinker with teacher retirement, collective bargaining, state aid to K-12 and post-secondary education, school vouchers and charter schools. That raises the possibility of needed action by delegates when Delegate Assembly opens for business.

Held annually since the Association was founded in 1867 — and sometimes twice each year — Delegate Assembly is where the Association’s path for the coming year is set. Delegates discuss, debate and vote on issues, consider the Association’s guiding documents and Bylaws, and set dues.

Two Days, Two Sites

The 2017 event will be held over two days and at two locations.

On Friday, April 21, delegates will gather at the historic Lincoln Station in the Haymarket area of Lincoln. It is there that the Association’s Sesquicentennial Gala will be noted and celebrated. Along with a handful of dignitaries, only delegates and key Association sponsors will enjoy the evening, which will include a brief look at the Association’s history and accomplishments.

On Saturday, April 22, delegates will discuss and debate Association business. That will include proposed new business, amendments to Bylaws and Resolutions, and discussion on the Governance Review Task Force, which has been charged with advising delegates on how the Association’s governance structure might be updated.

Delegates will also elect new officers. The terms of office for President Nancy Fulton, Vice President Jenni Benson and NEA Director John Heineman expire in 2017. Fulton and Heineman are term limited.

Seeking Election

Any NSEA member in good standing is eligible to file. To have a candidate’s name placed on the ballot, the candidate must be nominated from the floor during the Assembly’s opening session on Friday evening, April 21. For more, see this story.

Any member who wishes to attend as a delegate should talk to his or her local association president, or contact their NSEA organizational specialist. Reach your organizational specialist at 1-800-742-0047.