NSEA-Retired: Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations

Use these forms to submit your candidate for the appropriate position. More information on each is provided below.


NSEA-Retired Officers

In March, NSEA-Retired members will elect officers and leaders for the 2014-15 Association year.

Offices with vacancies are for three year terms and include:

  • President.
  • Vice president.
  • District Directors for the Capitol, Elkhorn and Sandhills districts. (3 year terms)


NSEA Delegate Assembly & NEA Representative Assembly

Members will also elect up to 17 delegates to attend the 153rd NSEA Delegate Assembly in Kearney, scheduled for April 11-12, 2014, and five delegates to NEA Representative Assembly in Denver July 1-6.

Active members of NSEA-Retired, who wish to be considered as candidates for any of the positions or offices listed above must complete the nomination form on the NSEA-Retired website no later than Friday, Feb. 7.  Candidates seeking election to NEA Representative Assembly and officers for NSEA-Retired are also required to submit a biography of no more than 50 words as part of their nomination. 

More details will be found in the January edition of NSEA-Retired newsletter, The Advocate.  Please refer to Page 13 of this issue of The Voice for more details about the NEA annual meeting in Denver.  Again, be sure to use the nomination link for election of NSEA-Retired members to the NEA Representative Assembly found on the NSEA Retired website.

Names of candidates who have filed for election will be posted on the NSEA-Retired website and updated each Friday until the filing deadline passes.

These guidelines are set for campaigning:

  • Candidates shall be allowed to distribute campaign materials at meetings of NSEA-Retired.  Distribution of materials must take place before the meeting begins or during the break for lunch.  Materials may not be distributed while meetings are in session.
  • Each candidate for an NSEA-Retired Board position and each candidate for NEA Representative Assembly shall be allowed to submit a biography of up to 50 words.  These biographies will be inserted into the ballot mailing, for the election, and also posted on the NSEA-Retired website.