NSEA Offers Conversation on Race, Belonging

Space is Limited, Apply Soon

Building on two years of sessions with member educators and administrators, your Association leadership is excited to offer a series of seminars this fall titled NSEA Conversations About Race and Belonging.

The 12-session series begins in October via Zoom and will carry through March or April, with a break over the winter holiday.

Using the conversations, participants will:

  • Improve their personal racial understanding based on self-examination and awareness;
  • Increase their capacity and confidence to initiate and engage in meaningful conversations about race in their classrooms, schools and communities;
  • Develop their capacity to be effective allies and empathic partners; and
  • Become better equipped to work collectively to dismantle and disrupt racist systems.

The series is an intensive virtual program that builds a peer cohort and peer-to-peer relationships through conversation, storytelling, self-awareness, racial literacy, critical thinking, and the practice of dialogic and reflective skills that will prepare participants to lead small group discussions.

The program covers a range of topics, such as race as a social construct, systemic racism, racial identity, implicit bias, micro-aggressions and other manifestations of the racial contract, inter- and intra-racial allyship, the importance of presence and listening, and how to move from thinking and feeling to transformation and action.

NSEA Conversations About Race & Belonging will be led by Michele Chang and Palma Strand, both of whom have experience working with Nebraska educators. Chang and Strand have led two previous cohorts of NSEA memebrs through a similar program.

The program will accept 22 applicants and consist of 12 sessions of 2.5 hours each.

The program is funded by a grant from the National Education Association.

Applications can be submitted at www.nsea.org/Conversations