NSEA ESP Online Database and Resources

NSEA ESP Online Database and Resources

New Bargaining Laws for ESP’s in Nebraska

NSEA ESP Compensation and Benefit Survey 2012 Results (When Polished and finished)

Bureau of Labor Statistics-Occupational Wages for Nebraska

               -This website provides a detailed outlook of jobs in Nebraska that are comparable to occupations ESP’s fill and can provide figures of comparable wages for ESP’s.

Living Wage Calculator

               -This website allows for a detailed look at how much an average household needs to make to stay above the poverty line.  A valuable resource for negotiating wages that allow for not a minimum, but “living” wage.

American Community Survey

               -Taken from the US Census website, this resource provides information about employment taken from the Census.

NEA Resources for ESP’s

  • NEA Homepage
  • NEA ESP Homepage
  • NEA Leaders for Tomorrow Homepage
    • NEA Leaders for Tomorrow program is a three-session training process held over an eight-month period that is open to dues paying NEA ESP members who meet the program’s eligibility requirements. Candidates must be nominated for the program and have their application acknowledged and signed by their state Association.
  • 2012 ESP National Conference Resources via Podcasts
    • You Can Fight Back When Voting Rights Are Threatened
      • In many states voting rights are under attack. This session at the 2012 NEA ESP Conference reviews these initiatives and the impact on voters. You will get ideas on how to engage members, build relationships with others and how to educate the public. Watch this informative presentation and share this link with others.
    • ESPs - You Can Be a Social Media A.C.E.!
      • Developing a social media strategy for your local is not complicated - especially with the lessons in this video from the workshop presented at the 2012 NEA ESP Conference. Gather round and learn the details. You'll be ready for organizing your members on Facebook and Twitter in no time.
  • 2013 ESP National Conference
    • The conference is designed to provide professional development opportunities for participants to help them gain the skills they need to: build stronger locals, build strong internal and external relationships, organize members, and enhance NEA ESP members' ability to positively influence student achievement. These skills are provided through two full days of professional development, as well as pre-conference workshop opportunities.
  • ESP Virtual Career Center
  • NEA’s Campaign Against Bullying