NSEA Can Assist with Home Loans, Evaluations

The queries that come to NSEA’s 18 organizational specialists sometimes reach into unexpected areas. This query recently arrived in the email inbox of an organizational specialist:

“I am a member and I’d like to know if there is anything you offer for down payment assistance or home buying.”

While mortgage experience is not listed on the resume of any of NSEA’s field staff, the answer, of course, is ‘yes.’ All NSEA members have access to the NEA’s Member Benefits (NEAMB) program. The NEAMB programming provides scores of money-saving benefits to members, among them access to a national home mortgage program through – get this – First National Bank of Omaha!

The First National Bank of Omaha loan offering through NEAMB provides an estimated savings of $700 at closing, and is available not only to members, but to their spouses, their parents and their children. The program offers low, competitive rates and options that help members (and their families) find a solution that fits just about any need. The program also has a sign-in option that allows members to check loan eligibility online. To learn more, go to www.neamb.com

Sometimes, the assistance needed by a member can become quite serious in nature. For example:

“Yesterday I was called into my superintendent’s office and he proceeded to tell me a series of rumors and hearsay that different members of the community have come to him accusing me of public intoxication. Because of this, I am receiving an unsatisfactory on my teacher evaluation in the area of professional conduct. I was quite blind-sided by this and didn’t know how to respond, but I believe I have a right to refute these unfounded accusations. What do I do now? I need help! I have never had a bad evaluation or anything of this sort in my career.”

No other professional organization will stand by your side to assist you as you refute such allegations. Only NSEA has staff on the ground – 18 organizational specialists with expertise in all phases of education – across the state working to help members in such situations. They have knowledge of Nebraska Department of Education rules and regulations, and an understanding of your school district. They know your contract and your administrators. Confidentiality is standard practice. You’ll get no such service from other “education” associations.

Whatever the question about employment issues, classroom, bargaining situations or more, know that you can call your organizational specialist in complete confidentiality. Call your organizational specialist at 1-800-742-0047, or send a question via the ‘Contact Us’ feature of the NSEA website at:

You will draw your answer from years of experience and expertise — expertise that gives you “The NSEA Edge.”