NEA Directors

The Nebraska State Education Association has two active members who serve as NEA Directors. The NEA Directors serve as the link to the National Education Association from the state level. The NEA Board of Directors and Executive Committee are responsible for the general policies and interests of the Association. The Board and Executive Committee are subject to policies established by the Representative Assembly and derive their authority from the Constitution and Bylaws.

The Board of Directors consists of at least one director from each association affiliated with the NEA as a state affiliate plus an additional director for each 20,000 NEA Active members in the state. The Board meets four times a year, plus one meeting in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.

Your NEA Directors are:

John Heineman Deb Gnuse
email:  email:

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NEA Directors- Terms and Elections Guidelines

As noted in the NEA 2000-2001 Handbook, Constitution Article V, Section 2, and Bylaws 5.

Terms of Office

  • The terms of office of NEA state, at-large, and retired directors shall be three years.
  • NEA state and at-large directors shall serve no more than two terms. Prior service as a student not be counted toward the two term limit for state and at-large directors.
  • Retired directors shall serve no more than two terms. Prior service on the Board of Directors in a position other than a retired director position shall not be counted toward the two term limit for a retired director.
  • All candidates for NEA state director shall have been Active members of the Association for at least two years immediately preceding the election. All state directors shall maintain throughout their terms of office Active membership in the Association.
  • Retired directors shall maintain Retired membership throughout their terms of office.
  • Student directors shall serve terms of one year and may not serve more than two terms. The directors shall be Student members of the Association.

Consistent with the goals and objectives and the existing policies of the Association, the Board of Directors shall act for the Association between meetings of the representative Assembly and in addition shall have the sole responsibility for any matter expressly delegated to it by the Representative Assembly.


  • A majority vote of those voting shall be necessary to elect an NEA director. Except as otherwise provided in Article V of the Constitution, members of the Board of Directors shall be elected by secret ballot for each individual office by the Active NEA members within each sate or by the NEA members elected to serve as delegates to the state representative body, but only if all Active NEA members in the state who meet all other relevant requirements are eligible to vote for and serve as delegates to the state representative body.
  • Nominations of directors shall be open, except where limitations required to comply with the provisions of Article V.
  • Terms of the directors shall be staggered except for student directors.