The Mind Inside, Episode Three, Now Available

NE Loves Public Schools Studies Mental Health

In episode three of the Nebraska Loves Public Schools docuseries, The Mind Inside, audiences will follow the journey of two school heroes who advocate for vulnerable children and families, offering hope for the future.

Episode three follows two school heroes who take on the often-daunting task of connecting vulnerable children and families with the necessary support to keep their kids engaged in school.

The film reveals how inherited trauma, generational poverty, drug abuse, neglect, and other home dynamics complicate the path to academic success and impact the greater community.

The 50-minute film is available free online. The third episode debuted in February and is now available online. Episode one premiered in January 2019, and episode two appeared in October 2019. Both are also available online.

The series looks at mental health in public schools, the challenges students face, the social, emotional, and behavioral resources available for students who struggle, and the short- and long-term solutions communities provide.

The episodes were filmed and produced by Nebraska Loves Public Schools, an organization dedicated to supporting public education through filmmaking. Nebraska Loves Public Schools received NSEA’s highest honor, the Friend of Education Award, in 2015.

Executive Director Sally Nellson Barrett said the series was created to explore what students are struggling with today, what social, emotional, and behavioral resources are available, and what schools and their communities are developing as short- and long-term solutions. For details, go to: