Mentoring Project A Success Once Again

Omaha is First-Time Site; Panel is Highlight

Student Educational Association of Nebraska (SEAN) members joined retiree educators for another edition of the NSEA-Retired Intergenerational Mentoring program and the mentor-mentee relationships the program fosters.

Participants spent a day at the University of Nebraska-Omaha exchanging perspectives on various classroom scenarios and getting to know each other. It was the first time the project was held outside of Lincoln.

One highlight was listening to and visiting with panel members Joe Higgins, a former member of the State Board of Education and veteran educator; Jeff Gehrke and Allison Stransberry, teachers with eight years of experience at Millard; Paul Schulte, current NSEA vice president and a liaison to the SEAN program; and Mike Wiesen, NSEA organizational specialist.

The day concluded with SEAN members filling tote bags with donated items for classroom use and personal enjoyment, including, of course, the NSEA–Retired/SEAN t-shirt commemorating the “experience of age and the exuberance of youth.”

The 2018 mentoring program was funded in part by an NEA-Retired grant.