Intergenerational Mentoring Project

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NSEA-Retired members have a wealth of practical expertise in the classroom while NSEA student members start off with virtually no practical classroom experiences let alone expertise.

What is Intergenerational Mentoring?

The NSEA-Retired Intergenerational Mentoring Project brings together NSEA-Retired members and student NSEA members in their junior year in teacher education. NSEA-Retired members act as mentors to the student members from their junior year through their senior student teaching semester and their first year as professional teachers.

The relationship between the mentor and the student is a non-judgmental, non-evaluative one. The mentor can help the prospective teacher get through the tough day-to-day moments and challenging situations that every student teacher and every first-year teacher faces. Through telephone, e-mail, and face-to-face conversations, the student knows he or she has an experienced mentor to ask for an idea for a lesson, a hint for handling a discipline problem, or a trusting shoulder to lean on.

History of the project

History of the project

NEA-Retired leaders invited five states in 2003 to send two retired and two student members to Reno, Nevada to be trained for their Intergenerational Mentoring Project.  Nebraska was one of the states in that initial group.  NSEA-Retired has received grant money from NEA-Retired every year since then to continue this successful project.  Each year NSEA-Retired joins with the Student Education Association of Nebraska (SEAN) to link retirees with SEAN members to help them make the transition from being a full-time student to becoming a full-time teacher. 

How can you help?

To continue this very successful project, the Team needs retired teachers who still want to work with young people and who want to continue their contributions to public education to volunteer for the program.

Remember all the help you had when you began teaching?

Now this is your chance to "complete the circle" by helping a future teacher! Contact Rebecca Smith ( at (800) 742-0047 if you have any questions.